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Unique 3-D OPAQUE effect ball point pen with 0.8mm ball.

Suitable on not only papers but also hard-surface such as mirrors, mobile-phone, frame, etc.

Opaque ink.

3-D effect with the touch of a finger.

Leave “2-3 minutes” to dry completely

No smears, feathers, or bleed through on most papers.

Line width: 0.6mm.

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Souffle Yellow, Souffle Orange, Souffle Light Orange, Souffle Pink, Souffle Purple, Souffle Light Green, Souffle Green, Souffle Blue, Souffle Gray, Souffle White, Souffle Yellow (12pcs), Souffle Orange (12pcs), Souffle Light Orange (12pcs), Souffle Pink (12pcs), Souffle Purple (12pcs), Souffle Light Green (12pcs), Souffle Green (12pcs), Souffle Blue (12pcs), Souffle Gray (12pcs), Souffle White (12pcs), Gelly Roll Souffle Set


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